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Soreike! Anpanman is a series about a superhero who's head is a red-bean bun. He was created by a kind old baker named Jam-ojisan, along with the other heros such as Shokupanman, Currypanman, and Melonpanna-chan. When he hears a voice cry out, he flies to the rescue and willingly tears off part of his own head in order to feed the hungry. His arch-enemy is Baikinman, who was born to defeat Anpanman. Baikin literally means "germs" or "bacteria", and Baikinman is drawn very similar to the standard Japanese representation of evil germs as a little black devil-like creature. This long-running children's series is based on characters created by Yanase Takashi, a prolific children's author and illustrator from Kochi prefecture.
I initially bought my first Baikinman cel in order to explain my hobby to adult Japanese people who usually have never heard of Galactic Heroes, don't watch current pre-teen oriented anime, and who often feign igorance of Dragon Ball and Gundam. But everybody knows Anpanman, Doraemon, Sazaesan, etc. Actually, I enjoy watching Anpanman. I like Currypanman, and I really want a cel of Shokupanman so I can finally use the caption "Captain Whitebread!" ^_^


 Baikinman with UFO



Curator: jcaliff
Gallery Created: 4/10/2002
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